24 03 2013

Wow! It’s been awhile since I visited blog-land. (Read last post here.) I’ve been training. You know that 1/2-marathon that I mentioned last time I wrote? It’s only FOUR WEEKS away! Literally, in four weeks, I should be panting at the finish line right about now. Crazy, huh?!?

I have tons to write about my training for this event, at some point, but life’s busy. These last couple of weeks I have been plagued with injuries, a pinched nerve, and many other issues that have been cutting into my training time. That used to scare me (you know the whole not training thing), but now it just motivates me to do more with the little training time that I do have. Yesterday, I had to do ‘mind-over-body’ to keep going; my body was ready to pack it in, but my mind was enjoying the run. My mind won. 🙂

I have other motivation, though, to keep running. I have partnered with TeamUp With Autism Speaks for this 1/2-marathon. My goal is to raise $500 for autism research and awareness on behalf of Autism Speaks before my race on April 21st. As donations have started coming in now, I think of each person who has been ‘given in honor/memory of’: I think of Christian, I think of Ian, I think of ‘J’ and ‘E’, I think of ‘LJ’s nephew’, etc. and it motivates me to take the next step as I think of all of the obstacles that they have to overcome on a daily basis that we NT’s take for granted. Thinking of them keeps me going. Thinking of them will push me to finish this race. To run these 13.1 miles with everything that is within me.

So, here is my challenge to anyone willing to participate. I understand that money is tight these days. I really do. Please consider making a donation per mile that I run during the race (13.1).

  • If you could give 10 cents per mile, that is $1.31
  • If you could give 25 cents per mile, that is $3.28
  • If you could give 50 cents per mile, that is $6.55
  • If you could give 75 cents per mile, that is $9.83
  • If you could give $1 per mile, that is $13.10
  • If you could give $2 per mile, that is $26.20

Donations don’t have to be a lot. Please don’t feel that your 50-cent donation wouldn’t amount to anything. It would. That’s what happens when people work together. I’m just asking you to consider making a donation to Autism Speaks. Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. They (and their families) need the support of groups like Autism Speaks to know where to begin, what kind of help is available, where to find support, how to advocate, etc.

You can TeamUp! with me for Autism Speaks by donating at this site – Autism Speaks Events.

To those of you who have already donated, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂





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